Seeking a challenging and exciting career in Telecommunication Network Management (TMN).


Over 3 and half years of experience in Software development. Have extensive experience in TMN including Element Manager System (EMS); Network Management System (NMS) and Corba based Network Management System. Have good research skills by working on Research oriented Projetcs,in addition to it developed Test Suites Using Perl, Shell and worked on web technologies like HTML and CGI Programming using Perl. 


Languages			C, C++, Pascal 
Operating Systems		Sun-Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and Windows 98
Hardware Platforms	 	SUN SPARC, Pentium, HP
Network Protocols	 	TCP/IP, IPX-SPX
Architecture 			CORBA(Orbix 3.0), COPE, ORBacus 4.0
Telecommunication		SNMP, CMIP, TMN, ADSL, ASAM.
Scripting			PERL, SHELL, HTML
Miscellaneous	Socket Programming in C, Socket Programming in PERL, CGI Programming 

Core Interest Areas 
Ø	Network Management using CORBA
Ø	Telecommunication Software
Ø	Distributed Computing
Ø	Networks
Ø	Operating Systems
Ø	Object Oriented Software Testing.

Experience (3 Year 7 Months)

1	Worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Wipro-Technologies, Telecommunication and Inter-networking Division, Global R&D   Bangalore.

 	 Design and Develop of Corba interface between NMS and EMS.  Developing NMS simulator for CORBA Proxy of our project EMS, Writing Scripts (Perl, Shell) for Test Automation, Technical Presentations. Developed Information Manger for ADSL Domain.

   Client       	 	 ALCATEL 
   Duration     		1 year 10 Months (from March 1999 to Jan 2001) 

2	Worked as a Research Associate in the area of Distributed Computing at Distributed and Object Systems Lab, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.  


 Research in the area of Software Engineering.  Design and implemented a paradigm for Context-Sensitive Software Reuse.

   Client        		Department of Science and Technology, India (DST) 
   Duration      		1 year (from March 1998 to March 1999)

3	Worked as a Lecturer in Computer Science and Engineering at Government College of Engineering, Trivandrum

   Responsibility		 Teaching, Project and Seminar Guidance
   Duration       		9 Months (from Jun 1997 to March 1998) 

Projects Handled

1. Design of NMS Simulator

April’2000-Dec’2000	Wipro Technologies,Telecommunication and Inter-networking Division
			Bangalore, India.
			Senior Software Engineer.

  The interface of AWS to upper OS's is CORBA interface I am now designing a NMS simulator for NMS-EMS Corba interface based on OMG Specification and ATMF Corba Mapping.

Software			COPE (Corba Perl Usage), Orbix, ORBacus
Mapping  			 Perl
Platform 		 	HP-UX, Sun
Configuration Management 	 ClearCase
Client				ALCATEL

2. Design and Development of  Corba Interface between NMS and EMS.
October’99-April’2000	Wipro Technologies,Telecommunication and Inter-networking Division
			Bangalore, India,
			Senior Software Engineer
AWS have a corba interface to upper Managers  so that NMS from other vendors can manages ASAM through AWS. Design phase include designing of Corba Naming Service, Norification Service, Process Distribution, Mapping, and Communication System.

Software 	 		Orbix
Protocol 	 		CMIP, SNMP
Platform 	 		HP-UX, Sun Solaris
Configuration Management 	 ClearCase
Client				ALCATEL

 3.Information Manager for ADSL Domain in AWS (ADSL Subscriber Access Multiplexer Work Station)

March’99-October’99	Wipro Technologies, Telecommunication and Inter-networking Division
			Bangalore, India,
			Senior Software Engineer
 AWS is an Element Management System (EMS) for the management of broadband access network consisting of ADSL Subscriber Access Multiplexers (ASAMs) and the Customer Premises Equipments (CPEs).
 AWS is a network management Software for managing ALCATEL'S ASAM (ADSL Subscriber Access Muliplexer). AWS can manage 5500 NE (Network Element). It is providing the FCAPS function.EMS). Implemented the IM for ADSL Domain for AWS.

Language 		 	C++
Tool     			 	COMET
Platform 			 HP-UX, Sun Solaris
Protocol 	 		CMIP, SNMP
Client				ALCATEL
Configuration Management 	 ClearCase

4. RFTP (Resilience File Transfer Protocol)

Nov’98-March’99	IIT Madras, India.
This Project is done for IIT Madras. This is an enhancement of TFTP, the main advantage of RFTP is that it is reliable where TFTP is non-reliable protocol

Language		 	C
Protocol 			UDP/IP
Platform 			 Linux

5.Content-Based Retrieval of Image Database System 

August’98-Nov’98	IIT Madras,India
			Research Associate 

Worked in the area of Content-Based Retrieval in Image Database system. Developed a tool using URA Concept for the Retrieval of image. Conventional databases provide facility for storing and retrieving of Structured information. It is difficult to store an image information that doesn’t conform to a particular pattern in a conventional database .We propose a URA-Multimedia system to facilitate such storage and content-based Retrieval.

Language			  CGI Programming with perl, HTML
Platform			  Linux
Client				  Department of Science and Technology, India
6.URA (Unified Representation of Artifacts)

March ’98-Nov’98	IIT Madras,India
			Research Associate
URA is a Software Engineering Project done in IIT Madras for Department for Science and Technology. The main objective of this project is the reuse of artifacts (Reuse with Context Sensitivity) various tools were created for this project in order to fetch the context 
Of an artifact, we developed a URA Solution framework, which will create a graph if you give a context sensitive query. 

Language			 C++, Perl, HTML
Platform			 Linux, Solaris.
Client				Department of Science Technology,India

7.RPE (Remote Procedure Execution)

June ’96-Sep’96		College of Engineering Trivandrum, India
Designed and implemented Remote Procedure Execution in Novell Netware 3.1. The idea of Remote Procedure Execution is very simple and elegant. RPE is used for executing a procedure in a remote machine anonymously. RPE has the same syntax of a local procedure, but the execution of the procedure and message passing is transparent to the User.

Language 		 	C
Platform 			 Novell Netware 3.1
Protocol			 IPX/SPX

Seminars and Presentation

¨	Gave a presentation on Perl programming in WIPRO.
¨	Presented a seminar about URA in IIT, Madras.
¨	Gave a seminar about Computer Virus and Vaccines as part of B.Tech Course.


B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering Trivandrum, India with Distinction

Pre-Degree from St.Gregorios College, Kottarakkara with  Distinction

S.S.L.C from Board of Public Examination, Kerala with Distinction.

Personal Details 
Date of Birth		20th May 1975
Sex     	        Male
Marital Status		Bachelor
Passport Number		A3264058 
Nationality		Indian
	                     					                             Biju A

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